Saturday, August 15, 2009


What do Country Music, Rock and Roll. And Ham Radio have in common you ask….Well…..HEIL SOUND would be the answer…The HEIL Microphone is widely known by ham radio operators world wide as one of the finest money can buy…Please watch the video below for the history of this company…. Ham Radio has more to do with the development of many things we never think of…..


  1. That video is too cool.

    As a brand new General Ham Operator, I blundered into a rag chew of 3 or 4 other hams on 80 meters one night. One gentleman, "Bob" was most polite and congratated me on the achievement of getting General, commented me well on the good signal I had coming into Illinois and wished me luck, a very pleasant little QSO between fellow hams.
    It wasn't till later, when I did a callsign look-up for my log did I realize that it was Bob Heil who was one of my first contacts as a new General.

  2. I am on 2 meters up here in Wisconsin. Will 2 meter not be used? I have a technical Lic, Can I use 10 or 20 meters? I have not been very active but am looking for Preppers here How do I procced?


  3. Anon 3:30
    As a tech class 10 meter from 28.300 to 28.500 is available to you for voice 20 meter is not. 2 meter will work for short communication without a repeater but will require a repeater for any long distance coverage. Repeaters rely on electric to function so if the grid were down you would only have use of that until battery backup is exhausted. You can email by use of the button on the right for more information.


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