Sunday, March 14, 2010

A short list, but GOOD conversation.APRN 160m net

The check ins were light tonite as the APRN 160m net took off on 1.862.5LSB. Our home frequency was in use so we moved up just a bit. Please keep in mind, If you don't hear us when net time hits, dig around a bit. You will find us!!!
We talked about some spring gardening stuff, had a good round on the economy, and discussed how we will need to pay attention and get with the Prepping program. Things about this world economy are getting worrisome.
Tonites Check ins:
AC0BG Dean, IA
NW8I Del, OH

Thanks to all that participated tonite and please be sure to check in on Thursday nite for the APRN 80m net led by John, on 3.962LSB at 9pm Eastern(0100UTC). John just got another main rig and he wants to give it a workout!!!!

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