Tuesday, March 23, 2010

APRN Goal's and a big first step

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I know it has been slow here and all I can say is now is the time to get back to work here. With the recent tragic events happening all around the world and having just been thru the worst winter here in the mid-atlantic region in recent memory. We see the need to get more organized and be more cooperative within our community's now more than ever before.

We have had an idea floating around our management team since day one of this net that we are now going to share with all of you. Since we are all about helping to teach others both like minded and people that have never even thought of being more prepared it is time to head to the front lines and help.

We have started trying to come up with a way to be able to go to events and setup a demonstration of how we can be effective in helping the community in the event of any type of disaster. Since we are all about communications and how effective Ham Radio can be and after tossing around many ideas we thought the the best way we could do this effectively, would be to set up a mobile communications vehicle that could travel to events and trade shows and demonstrate how this all works.

Our goal with this would be to help spread the word about preparedness and communications while also trying to help bring people together that are genuinely concerned about the state of not just our country but the world.

We will have to ask for help with this project as none of us are independently wealth. We can however come up with the needed help to do the work needed to set this all up and also enough people willing to go out and demonstrate how this all works.

The first need will certainly be the actual vehicle to make this all possible. It is our thought that we would be best served by a vehicle that has enough room to mount the equipment in but also would not break the bank to drive from place to place to help promote the preparedness message.

Any person or organization that is willing to help us on this project will get recognition in the form of mention of your web site or forum board of your choice in our literature and for contributions to this project substantial enough a spot on the actual vehicle listing the site of your choice.

The people involved in this project have a good bit of the equipment needed already but it would certainly be nice to come up with the equipment needed to become a permanent part of the vehicle as well.

We will be posting a list of what we have already come up with and what we feel our future needs are soon.

You can post in the comment section anything you may want to donate to this, or use the Santa's mail bag logo on the right side of this page to email what you may have that could help us in this effort.


  1. I will start this off by providing

    1 screwdriver antenna and controller good for 10 thru 80 meter

    2000 feet of 14 gauge wire for making wire dipole antennas

    100 feet of RG-8 Coax

    1 Yaesu 2800m 2 meter radio and mobile antenna

    The time, mechanical work, painting and art work needed to set up the vehicle

  2. I had to look and make sure before posting. I also have all of the wire and supplies needed to do all of the electrical wiring needs for this setup both for AC and DC power.


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