Saturday, March 13, 2010

The APRN 160m net SPRINGS to life!!!!!

On Sunday at 9pm Eastern Daylite time(0100UTC)the APRN 160 meter net led by K7DLB will get into action on 1.860LSB. The topic will be "what do you plan to do this spring to help your Preps?" so, join in the discussion and get ready for spring!!!!! We just hope it stops raining outside long enough to do SOMETHING!!!!
Also, K7DLB reports that his cable is down so he may not be able to use netlogger tomorrow night as his Broadband card does not do too well at the QTH.....Seems the cable company could use a little help in the prep department!!!!!!!A little wind and rain.......Well, how about A LOT OF WIND AND RAIN!!!!! Just glad it's not SNOW!!!!

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