Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Winging it" on 40

We made all the preparations to get the net cranked up, everything was ready, but at the top of the hour, the BBC started broadcasting on 7.205 and wiped things out. So, as fast as we could, we found a open frequency and moved the net to 7.196.

Despite moving off our advertised frequency, folks eventually found us and ended up with a good number of check-ins. Our first Net on 40 meters brought in 10 check-ins, with a couple of returning callsigns. Of course, Dave W4DMH was on hand, but we'd like to say howdy to Bill, N5JXM over in Texas for his second visit. Some of the other calls also found us via the blog, or via the live report on NETLOGGER, but we also got some check-ins who found us just by hearing us when they tuned across the band. It was great to welcome them to the new net, as well as spread the news about the APN blog.

All in all, while it was touch n go at first, by "winging it", we got another great net on the books.

Here's the check-ins for tonights net:

KI4HEE Bob SC (Net Control)
K4IDN David FL
K4TN Cary FL

DON'T FORGET! Tune in on 20 Meters on 14.230, 9PM EST, Thursday night, when Dave W4DMH cranks up the net again.

'73 Bob KI4HEE


  1. wow, that's awesome!, I can't wait until I can get into HAM Radio

  2. Wow, I can't believe how fast this is growing..100 hits since I last stopped in. I'll do another announcement on APN as well as an emailing to everyone on my list tomorrow. Maybe soon we should do a complete network wide announcement like we did before.

  3. I wondered why 7.205 was blanked out. man I really wanted to hit the net tonight... guess I'll have to try again on sunday. I have a local ARES net on thurs, but I'll tune in after and see if the net is still going.

  4. Just a note to AP....Be cautioned my friend....HAM radio is addicting!!!!!!!
    You guys are really having too much fun with this!!!! I think this is really gonna take off. Hopefully 160 will be good on Sunday bu tthe preliminary forecast for Sunday is kind iffy......

  5. ZigMund
    Check back often we will be adding other nets on other bands and nights as we get things going

    Thanks for your interest

  6. I'm guessing American Prepper is going to check out the link we have to QRZ.com, (http://www.qrz.com/p/testing.pl) where you can take practice tests of the actual questions in the Amateur Radio Test Pool.

    If anyone does a practice test two or three times a day, they'll be ready to test for real within a month! Just make a game of it...see how well you can score.

    And here's hint from me...after you consistantly can pass the Tech practice test, start practicing on the General class test, and so on. When you can ace each consistantly, then go test for real...you're allowed to test for the next level as soon as you pass the first in a single test session.

    As a VE (volunteer examiner) I've seen people walk in, pass all three levels, and walk out as Extra Class operators. ...and none of them had extra-large brains...they were as normal as anyone.

  7. American Prepper
    Another tid bit; We did have a mobile check in last night. KB3RDR Kathy in OH was mobile, so you could do it from the big truck while you are running a load no mater where you are.
    Another tip; Stop on the top of a mountain for the night and have a blast.


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